3D hologram stickers & Label Printing

Most of the security holograms are printed into the 2D and 3D structures. They almost resemble one other but in 3D holograms, the picture is printed into the 3 dimension versions.

Such types of holograms are used to print on a vast range of products such as electronics, cosmetics, eatable products, used for barcoding, and numbering printed data onto the packing boxes. You can also print the logo of the company onto the holograms stickers.

Due to the vast importance of hologram stickers to run any business, you need to connect with Sky Custom Box that is the UK; London based company and has been working for 10 years.

We provide and create high-quality and attractive 3D Hologram Stickers that will suit to any products and increase the security and look of the items of every business. Do not wait further for your order, if you want to increase the selling rate of your product, you can print the vital info onto the holograms stickers by connecting with designers.


Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us tom@skycustombox.com

Why You Need To Choose Us?

Rank in the Marketplace:

We create and print the info and pictures onto the stickers by using advanced printing machines and tools with full safety that our stickers will rank in the marketplace. Due to the most attractive stickers we create, we have lots of happy clients from all over the cities those who connect with us again and again for getting stickers from our expert designers.

Shine Enduring;

Our 3D Hologram Labels printing appearance and shines remains for long-lasting. You can stick the same stickers again and again onto the various products without seeming any changes in the quality of the stickers. So, it will leave a good impression on the clients by using our services.

Fast Delivery:

We take the order of every client and do the response of each client instantly. So, turn of your order will come soon, and we accomplished the short as well as long-run order without making differences, but we create the stickers at every time unique and valuables.

Consequently, we try to accomplish the order of every client in the short possible time either on the same day or on the next day. Thus, you will receive your order quickly, and we delivered your order at your place.

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For order, call us at 07868755239 or email at tom@skycustombox.com.


Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us tom@skycustombox.com