Clear Vinyl Circle Stickers

You can use circle stickers up to 20 mm and 30 mm diameters and it is usually print on DVD, sealing the items, plastic envelops and you can also print such stickers on few pharmaceutical packets.

The circle shape stickers will provide extra protection while sticking to any objects. To print the circle stickers of 30 mm diameter, circle labels are rolls up to 12.

You can easily print circle stickers at the corner of the packets so while opening the boxes, printing of the items will not be disturbed and you can use such printed boxes again for packing the various items.

Thus, if you required circle stickers for your business marketing and increase the selling rate of your product, you need to contact Sky Custom Box that is the UK, London based corporation, and have been working for Ten-years.

Why You Need To Choose Us!


We have experienced highly-qualified, efficient, and skilled Team who create and print the circle stickers that will rank in every condition and trend. Designers will make the stickers according to the requirements of the clients and offer 100% customer satisfaction.

We have got a reputation all over the other firms regarding the printing because our stickers are never rejected by the clients consequently they connect with us again and again for creating and designing new stickers.

High-Quality Material:

We have advance machines and tools for creating the stickers as well as use the high-quality printing machines that will print the stickers for long-lasting. Once you print the stickers by using our services, you can get the facilities of the stickers for long terms without losing its effectiveness.

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Fast and Reliable Services:

We provide fast and reliable services as we work for 24-hours. Unlike other services, you do not need to wait for the opening of the offices for your help or getting info about our services. Whenever you want, you can connect with us for giving orders either it is short and long-run orders.

Instant Response;

You need to connect with us to get the instant response of the CSRs (Customer Sales Representative). In this way, you can easily get access to our firms for your needs and tell us about your desires for printing the Clear Vinyl Circle Sticker. Your turn will come soon after you give order, and we will try to accomplish the order quickly without compromising its quality.

Delivery at Your Door:

We have happy clients from all over London as we take the order of every client online and delivered the order at your door either on the same day or within the next two working days without taking any Extra shipping charges. So, it will save your time and money and you will feel glad by getting your parcel at your home.

Free Sample;

Earlier than giving orders to us, you can check the detail of our firms by getting the free sample of your stickers. You can check the already made stickers by looking at our websites as we upload the offering detail on the internet. This will be beneficial for you to check the design, shape, and all vital info about our stickers by searching at our Websites.

No Hidden Charge:

Creating the stickers and giving shape to them without affecting the border and edges of the stickers will require special attention of the designers as well as special tools. But, we do not take the hidden price from the clients such as die cut costs or designing Cost.

Due to cheaper services, it becomes easier for the clients to get stickers from us for marketing their product in the highly-competition era where a lot of products are selling the same niches.

Multiple Uses;

You need to get the sticker from us for multiple uses such as for printing on many projects, party decorations, and print on awards shows.

Get in Touch With Us!

For purchasing every shape, design, and categorize of circle stickers, you need to connect with Sky Custom Box and you can connect with us for getting more info about our offering by calling us or Sending a Text Massage on WhatsApp 07868755239 or email at


Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us