Custom Reflective Bike Stickers

Most teenagers want to purchase the bike at the age of seventeen to get a reputation in front of their friends, so, after purchasing the bike, they will be conscious of making their bikes unique and attractive. One of the best ways to make your bike shiny is by installing and fitting the Reflective Stickers. A sticker comes in various forms, designs, colors, patterns, and shapes.

Whatever the type of stickers you want to purchase or fit the bike, you need to consult with the Sky Group of Companies that is the London based firms and have been working for ten years.

We have the experienced, skilled, trained, and highly-qualified designers that create the stickers according to the satisfaction of the clients. Once you purchase the stickers from us, you will happily connect with us again and again for getting more services from the designers.

Why You Need to Choose Us

Ten-Year Experience

You need to connect with us for purchasing stickers according to the nature of the bikes because we have experience in making and printing the stickers at every attempt nice-looking and stickers will lie according to every new fashions and trend.

If the fashions have been changed for stickers making, you can pay small attention to it to make it according to the new fashions so your stickers will not be wasted in every situation.

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We have been getting the name and reputation all over other business due to providing stickers that match the buyer’s desires and themes. We have happy clients from all over the world that contact us again and again without any hassle. So, we create the stickers that fit bike at every attempt that remains glossy and striking for long terms.

Fit to any Bike

We create the stickers of every kind and shape that can easily fit every bike without cause to change the outline and edifice of the stickers. So, whatever the model and version of the bike you have, for apt the stickers to tires and other portions, you need to contact us.


Everybody desires to purchase the stickers that remain in the glittery position even interaction of the water and heats with the bike. So, we create the waterproof stickers that you can use for lifelong without watching the changes in the color of the stickers. We provide the warranty of the stickers so due to this factor, every client purchase the stickers from us due to guaranty of it.

Easy to Install

We use various tools and machines for decent and installing the stickers to the bike that makes the work easier and comfortable for adjusting the stickers properly to the bikes. We have highly-quality equipment that will not disturb the structure and customs of the stickers while giving figures to them.

Sturdy Lights

We manufacture the Custom Reflective 3m Bike Stickers that are robust and effective in producing lights when you drive the bike. The lights and lustres of the stickers will not dim so you can easily run the bike in the nights.


We create the stickers that are lightweight thus it can easily fit the bike. So, you will not feel heaviness while running the bike after installing stickers from us.

The Lowest Price

We provide the lots of services regarding creating the stickers, fixing to the bike, repairing the stickers as well as giving contours to them according to the new trends at the wholesale rate so every buyer can easily afford the services of us.

Free Shipping

We have a team of designers, so we will accomplish the mounting of the stickers’ tasks on the same day when clients give the order to us and try to deliver the order of the clients of their door without taking the shipping cost from them.

So, clients will remain happy with our services due to cheaper services we provide all over the Target Market UK.

No Extra Charges

Scheming and apt the sticker to various kinds of bikes requires the special attention of the designers due to keeping the various demands of the buyers while carrying out the order of the clients. Some buyers want to give various shades to one tire by installing various colors and types of stickers onto wheels.

So, cutting and adjusting of the stickers according to the figures of the wheels requires special tools, but we do not take the extra charges or die cut charges from the clients.

Durable Material

We use the highly-quality; long-lasting, real, sparkly, and eye-catching material for making the stickers that will easily fit every bike without causing any change to outlines while providing fitting services to the clients.

Clients from Everywhere

You do not be worry if you are residential far from over company because clients from all over the biosphere easily contact us to get Reflective Stickers Bike from proficient designers. We will always respond to every client immediately on their calls and take the order from every client to give economical services to them.

24-hour Services

You do not need to wait for giving orders and connecting with the designers to ask about the more services because we deliver the 24-hour services. You can contact designers whenever you want for your help and getting information about our services.

Various Colors

We used various printing machines to give contrast color to the stickers and carry out printing in such a way that you can easily modify and alter the printing of the stickers according to the new styles and classic of the bikes.

Once you purchase the stickers from us, you can get the advantages of such stickers for long terms by using original stickers and causing changes to them without affecting the beauty of the stickers.

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Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us