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Amaze Your Customers With Golf Ball Sleeve Boxes?

When your customers walk into your retail store, they’ll be wowed by your attention-grabbing sleeve boxes. These are ideal for golf balls because they offer packing options, and the boxed product is easy to inspect for quality. Golf ball sleeve boxes can be customized with different finishing options, including gloss and matte finishes. They can also feature aqueous and coating for extra appeal and gold foiling for effective promotion. Read More


Golf ball boxes are a great way to brand your business. The boxes are made from high-quality protective materials. They are customizable and come with an option to print your logo and other promotional information. You can choose between digital or offset printing and different laminations. Amaze your customers by offering them a unique box that features your logo. These boxes are the perfect way to promote your business and create brand ambassadors.

Golf Ball Sleeves:

The Ball Box features your corporate logo on the four sides and is customisable to match your brand’s identity. The 2-Ball Sleeve comes with a classic framed design that’s ideal for your company logo. Customised golf ball sleeves let you choose any colour and template to complement your branding. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to showcase your product. Amaze your customers with golf ball sleeves boxes today!


Amaze your customers with custom-designed golf ball sleeve boxes! With a variety of designs and colors available, your customers will love these specialized packaging solutions! offers a variety of styles and shapes, including two-piece and tuck-end boxes. There are also over fifty different types of add-ons, including foam and cardboard inserts.

Choose From Matte:

Aside from displaying your products, golf ball sleeve boxes also allow you to display special features about your business. Special cardboard inserts separate the golf balls, which makes them look classier and special. You can also choose from matte or glossy finishes, which will further enhance their appeal. And of course, the rigid base makes them a classy look. You can even choose to have your logo or brand name printed on the outside!


Custom golf ball sleeve boxes are an excellent way to brand your company. Many companies use golf balls with their logos for promotional purposes. Achieving this high level of attention-getting packaging can help you leave a lasting impression on your customers. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, there’s bound to be one that will catch their eye. Amaze your customers with golf ball sleeve boxes!

Variety of Finishes:

If you’re in the business of selling golf balls, golf ball sleeves boxes can be a smart marketing move for your company. They make golf balls easy to transport and store. They can be printed with your business logo using offset or digital printing, and they’re available in a variety of finishes and laminations. Amaze your customers with golf ball sleeve boxes! And be sure to check out these tips for marketing your golf balls!


Golf ball packaging hasn’t changed much since Lee Trevino was a lad, but it’s not too late to change that. You can even get fancy with a new sleeve box for golf balls. The new Baller Box is a sleek, white box with balls cradled in a plastic matrix. The traditional retail box will be released later this year. Subscribers of the Golfer’s Club will get access to exclusive content like early looks at new products, information about how the Wilson Tour staff tests them, and seasonal Members-Only discounts.

Shape And Size:

If you want to wow your customers with a custom-designed gift, consider offering them your golf balls in a box. These boxes are available in different sizes and shapes and are shipped assembled and glued. Besides golf balls, you can also package other items such as cosmetics or craft products in them. Moreover, you can choose the material, shape, and size of the box to best meet your needs.


When designing your box, think of a logo or message that can catch the attention of your audience and help you increase sales. This way, you can raise your brand’s status in your customer’s eyes and make your customers your brand ambassadors. In addition, golf ball boxes are also a convenient way to protect specialty high compression balls from dust, tarnishing, and other damage. Moreover, these boxes also help you enhance the value of your products.


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