PVC-plastic-packaging-bag-for-packing-hair extension

PVC Hair Extension Packaging

PVC Hair Extension Packaging is a popular product that can be used to store and display hair extensions. It is a popular choice among beauty stores and salons. The product is a great way to add length, color, and styling to a person’s hair. In many cases, salons will require clients to purchase hair extensions.

There are many different types of packaging for hair extensions available. These products can be printed with the company’s logo, or custom designed to fit your product’s needs. Customized packaging boxes are ideal for promoting your brand and your products. They can be recycled and used for multiple purposes. Besides being eco-friendly, these boxes are recyclable, and they can be full-color printed. The boxes can also be fitted with a header card that can be used to hang on retail stores’ walls.

PVC Hair Extension Bags

A plastic enclosure for hair extension packaging includes a printed insert, a hang tag, and a hair band. This type of enclosure does not feature snap buttons. In some cases, a hair extension packaging will use a header and a hole instead. The header folds in the center and the front and back of the insert are folded in. All sides are folded. The snap button is located below the sealed header.

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PVC Bag for Packing Hair Extensions

A PVC Bag for packing hair extensions is made of a transparent pvc or nonwoven fabric with a dust-proof function. It usually contains a hanger to clip the hair extension on. It is also protected by a zipper, allowing the user to reuse it again. The price of a PVC Bag for packing hair extensions is slightly higher than the price of a satin bag.

This type of packaging allows the buyer to see the whole wig or hair extension, including the color and quality. These work especially well for smaller hair extensions. It will give the consumer a better sense of how luxurious the product is.

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