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The Stickers & Labels can help to Increase your marketing and brand awareness for your product. through our website you can easily get access to best price for your custom stickers and labels.

So, if you are running the business regarding the stickers making, printing, and labelling on it, you need to connect with the designers of Sky Custom Box that are London based firms and have been working for ten years.

Why You Need To Choose Us?


Designers are experts, trained, and experience in making The Stickers Site, so, you need to connect with us without any stress.

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We are best sticker site in the town and get your best price for your sticekrs you need.

Cheaper Services

You need to contact the designers as they provide cheaper services to every client. You can create new sites, alter the previous sites, and upload content onto your sites by getting the help of the designers. Artists will give lots of suggestions about which things you need to add to the websites without taking extra charges from you of giving ideas.


We have clients from all over London those who connect with us again and again to get the offering of our services. We have got a reputation all over the companies due to having happy clients who are satisfied with our services.

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Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us