Tall Cake Box Packaging

The cake is the main thing that everybody buys at their biggest days of lives such as a marriage ceremony, a birthday party and when they make a plan with friends at home. It is usually kept at the hotels’ table and the restaurants’ table also for the appreciation of the new couples and guests when they visit such places.

Due to the increasing demands of the cake for giving the gift to your relatives and friends, you need to pack the cake earlier than to send to their friend place or any event place. Packaging of the cake not only gives protection but also increases the safety tips for the shipping of the cake or it will increase the value of the cake into the heart of the buyers. You can increase the attention of the clients only by packaging the cake into the Cake Boxes Wholesale 12x12x6.

If you want to increase the rank and promotion of your cake in the marketplace, you can contact the Sky Custom Box that is UK based firms and has been working for 10 years. We have qualified, skilled, and trained designers who made the cake boxes of vast shapes, sizes, forms, styles, and colors according to the requirement of the cake for packaging because the size of the cake did not come in similar forms.

So, if you want to buy any type of boxes for the packaging of the cake, you can contact the designers for your order and increase the sale of your cake by packaging it with the help of the designers.

Why you need to choose us?

Experience designers

Contact with the experienced designers who always make the 10x10x10 Cake Box by keeping the business theme and requirements of the clients and make the unique boxes at every attempt that will rank in the competition and once your cake will rank, designers will also maintain the ranking of your product at the global place.

Increase buyer concentration

Designers will do the packaging in such an order to increase the attraction of the buyers towards your product because increase the attention of the buyers will increase the selling rate of your cake. Buyers will happily and satisfied pay you for buying the cake from your shop whatever the price you charge from the buyers while selling your cake.

Provide protection

You need to contact with the designers because they make the boxes of good quality and use the paper for making the cake boxes that are long-lasting and durable. They will pack the cake to increase the safety of the cake while the display to the clients and while shipping the Tall Cake Boxes to any place.

Holds the flavour and texture

Flavour and texture of the cake you can only maintain while packaging and shifting of the cake by getting the help of the designers because they have skill on how to keep these two tips in mind while completion of your order.

Increase value and appearance

Designers make the packaging boxes that will increase the shines and look of your product. Occasionally, they made the window boxes for packaging of the cake to make the display of the cake uniforms and your product will not be disturbed even in the window packaging and you can easily display your cake by keeping on the shelves of the bakery.

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Design of custom boxes

To increase the gaze of the cake, designers will print various designs on the packaging boxes either they deal with the short run or long run order for packaging the cake. Although, do the designing on the small boxes is not an easy task but designers will do the printing to keep the quality and look of the product as well as boxes.

Print the boxes

For printing the date, day, and time of the events on the boxes, you need to get the help of the designers who will use various color codes for printing the title of the events and name of the couple.

Vast color

Designers will increase the shines of your product by Tall Cake Box Packaging that varies according to the color and designs or you can choose the color of the boxes that will match the color of your cake and suit the decoration of the events.

Get in touch with us

For packaging of the cake, contact with designers by calling us at 07868755239 or email us at tom@skycustombox.com.


Contact us : WhatsApp: 07868755239 or Email us tom@skycustombox.com